PRD is designing, building and operating an elegant power system to solve the world’s greatest power supply problems.


We know the power sector from years of experience providing great solutions in the most extreme locations. 

Our solutions have proved their success over time. We are now on a mission to deliver these in a platform that is flexible, robust and simple for everyone.

The platform, with access to advanced energy storage, enables grid scale clean energy with no compromise for users or network operators.


Creativity and invention were a necessary response from our background with vast distances, remoteness, volatile power markets, highly critical power loads, and the longest distribution lines in the world.

We solve complex power supply problems for the first time, where the only option is to apply first principles to craft simple and elegant solutions. Our innovative technologies are the result of structured investigation and creative exploration.

We develop and own our own intellectual property. Understandably, we keep this information close to our chest. To learn more, please get it touch.


Ultimately, the purpose of our research and power sector knowledge is for development.

With our construction partners, utility partners, communities and users, we are applying our intellectual property to deliver value through our power supply platform. We are designing and building the future of power networks now in a way that will continue to develop and grow with our users.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.